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New Year, New You! Top 5 Healthy Hearing Resolutions to Welcome NEW YEAR 2019

From losing weight, getting healthier, saving money to living life to the fullest, embracing technology and exploring new places, it’s high time for new year resolutions which we are taking to the next level with the start of 2019. And sometimes, or rather most of the times the motivation for these changes lasts a few weeks and fizzles away!


But why not try something different this year. Let’s make some hearing loss resolutions and stick with them throughout the year as together we can keep each other focused and make our plans a reality.


Here’re some options, we can add to our calendar for hearing loss. Which one you’ll choose?


Get Your Hearing Tested



Are you still wondering if you have hearing loss? If you notice it is hard to understand conversations in noisy environments or if you catch yourself asking people to repeat themselves you might have some level of hearing loss. Call and make an appointment with the hearing care professional and take control of your hearing health!


Take a Speechreading Class



A speechreading class can help your communication skills and might even be fun. Add the dates on your calendar, for example I am looking for a class this month in this area.


Help Others With Hearing Loss



Find hearing loss advocacy efforts in your community. Is there a locally based non-profit, or a school for the deaf? Reach out to a local community theater about looping or captioning options. Make an appointment, show your solidarity and offer support.


Read A Hearing Loss Book



Search some good books online or go to a nearby bookstore and explore. You may be interested in a little light reading about what you’re experiencing with hearing loss or tinnitus. Just go out buy and read them.  


Educate Others About Hearing Loss



You can volunteer to speak at a local senior center about tactics for coping with hearing loss or share your experiences online. It may help you learn some new things too.


So are you ready to make healthy hearing a New Year’s resolution?




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