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Victor Morin Victor Morin
November 26, 2016 Shantele does her job well with me and my review of her is good. She is a good girl and does a well done job.  She came in on a Saturday for me and  let me pay her in payment plans which another hearing clinic didnt do.

Millie Blyan Millie Blyan
November 15, 2016 About 5 or 6 years ago, my hearing was starting to fail. It made it hard for me to hear my friends, family and when I started in the health care field, it made it equally hard. I was so frustrated. When I came into Battlefords Hearing and tried hearing aids for a month, I was so amazed at all the sounds and voices I could actually hear. I am so very thanksful the Chantelle and Jessica for the kind support they have given me. I have a new quality of life thanks to Battlefords Hearing and the Unitron hearing aids I bought.  

Patricia Wellbanks Patricia Wellbanks
November 25, 2016 For the last year, I have had a buzzing noise in my right ear. It got so bad I almost quit my job as a cashier due to not being able to hear my customers. After coming to battlefords Hearing Centers and trying a hearing aid, my whole outlook on life has changed. I hear everything! Thanks to Chantelle :). As for the ringing, as soon as I put the Oticon Nera2pro minirite with tinnitus hearing aid in, the constant ringing stops! I also can hear my "S" sounds again and after a week of getting used to something different, it feel normal and like I have good hearing again. Thank you Chantelle!

Service is excellent! I had hearing aids previously from another clinic and found they weren’t the best fit and he really made sure that mine were working good now I wear them all the time!

I had really good service and cannot complain. My husband got his hearing aids from Sergio and absolutely loves them. I went for a test and am going to upgrade my old hearing aids, both of us will definitely always go back to the clinic Sergio is quite thorough and it made it easy to figure out what works for me and what works for my husband!

I had really good service. Sergio was very informative and gave me the answers I needed!

I’ve never been to anyone before, and it went well. I wasn’t sure what to expect but he was very friendly and made the testing very comfortable for me. I had wonderful service, what a nice man!

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